When it comes to newborn photography many photographers like to have a certain structure to their sessions, this means they use a few set poses that are the same for every newborn session. This also usually involves waiting until your baby is fast asleep. This can sometimes take hours if your baby is unsettled. It also usually involves lots of props such as bowls, buckets and outfits with bonnets and big bows and they are usually full of colour. As beautiful as these images are this style just isn’t for me. 

My newborn sessions are completely baby led. If your baby chooses to stay asleep then that’s great but if not and they are awake that’s no problem at all. This is when I can capture those gorgeous yawns and stretches and their gorgeous little expressions. If your baby want’s cuddles then that is what we will do. I will shoot your baby exactly how they are at that moment. I will let your baby lay comfortably and simply position them in a way so that I can capture every little detail, this means that all the images that I capture will all be unique. Your baby will lead our session. This works really well as babies hate to be fussed with. They like to be warm and cosy and this is why your baby will not be naked. I will mostly photograph them when they are dressed in a simple white vest.

 Alongside my baby led posing I choose to take all of my images using a white background. I strive to capture the authenticity, love and emotion of your baby as they truly were, by removing all props and distractions this allows your main focus to be on your baby. 

My ultimate aim as your photographer is to provide you with beautiful timeless images that you can display proudly on your walls. By using solely white they can be displayed in any room of your home without having to worry about changing your decor etc. You wont need to worry about your images going out of fashion. 

I love parents to be involved with their sessions but don’t worry if you’re not keen to be behind the camera as most of this is done using my beanbag, simply by adding your hands into the image creates a connection and gives your image more meaning. This makes it easier for siblings to be involved too. 

If you are looking for a newborn photographer that will capture simple and timeless images of your new baby then please do get in touch. I am happy to arrange a call with you to answer any questions that you may have. I would be delighted to be chosen to capture beautiful memories for you and your family!