Cake Smash & Milestone Sessions

Time flies when you are having fun! 

One minute you are bringing home your precious new bundle and then over the next few months you experience many firsts together – that first little smile, the first time they roll over and then the first time they sit up, the little army shuffle across the floor and before you know it you are about to celebrate their first birthday. This is a very special milestone and here at Wee Ones on White I would like to help you celebrate. These sessions will all follow my natural and simple style.



Up to 1 and a half hour photo session

Bespoke 4 inch semi naked cake

Collection of 5 high resolution fully edited downloadable digital images.

Five 7″ x 5″ photo prints of your chosen digital images



 Up to 1 and a half hour photo session

 Bespoke 4 inch semi naked cake

 Collection of 10 high resolution fully edited images available on a luxury USB stick

 10 7″ x 5″ photo prints of your chosen digital images

 £50 credit towards any wall art 



Up to 1 and a half hour photo session

Bespoke 4 inch semi naked cake

20 high resolution fully edited images on a USB stick PLUS matching 7″ x 5″ photo prints

High Resolution HD slide show with your favourite images

£100 credit towards any wall art


For this very special celebration I offer two types of sessions…

Firstly the Cake Smash Session. These sessions have become extremely popular recently and are such a fun way to celebrate your little ones first birthday! At the start of the session I will take time for your baby to adjust and allow them to play with my beautiful wooden props. If you would like images as a family this is when these images will be captured. Now onto the even more fun part. I will introduce a bespoke, 4 inch semi naked cake for your little one to explore. They can enjoy tasting, eating and smashing the cake and when they have had enough I will bring out the little bath tub for them to get cleaned up and have a splash around and play with some bubbles.

Secondly the Milestone Session. This session is exactly as the first type of session but instead of a real cake I will let your little one play with a beautiful wooden handmade cake. This is perfect for little ones that don’t like to get messy or for parents that would rather not give their babies a real cake. At the end of the session I will bring out the bath tub too so they can splash around and have fun with the bubbles.

All images will be in my simple, classic style. Taking the images on a white background and removing all distractions will mean that your baby is the main focus of your images. 

My aim as a photographer is to provide you with beautiful, natural and timeless images of your little one that you can look back on. Authentic images that can be displayed perfectly in any room of your home.

The cake is included in the package prices. If your child has any allergies or food intolerances please let me know when booking and we can discuss this further.

 To book there is a session fee of £49. This is non refundable and will secure your session. Your booking will only be confirmed once the deposit is received. 

 **** PLEASE NOTE – The purchase of your session does not include any images. Purchase of your chosen collection is also required ****

All collections have the option to purchase additional digital images which are priced individually starting from £45 each. Wall art & products are also available to purchase separately starting from £249. Please contact me if you have any other questions about pricing, I’d love to have a quick chat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for my session?

A. Ideally you would make sure your little one has a nap before the session and also give them something to eat. This will mean we will hopefully catch them at their happiest when they are full of energy and be able to capture some beautiful images.

It would also be helpful if you could give them a little bit of cake to touch and play with a few days before the session so that isn’t an entirely new sensory experience for them.

When is the best time to book my milestone session?

A. The sooner the better so I can make sure that I have a space for you in my diary. I sometimes have last minute slots become available but booking in advance is advised as all cakes are especially made to order.

What do I need to bring to the session?

A.Your normal baby changing bag with a spare change of clothes. Nappies wipes and a towel for after your babies splash in the tub. If your baby has sensitive skin or uses a special bubble bath could you also please bring that along with you on the day. Also plenty to drink for your little one. Eating cake is thirsty work!

What should we wear?

A. I am currently building up my collection of outfits for the studio. If you would like to bring your own outfit I really suggest the simpler the better.

My aim is to create beautiful timeless images for you and I would love for you to be included in them. I suggest that all clients wear light colours. Whites definitely work best. If not white neutral colours such as light grey will be ok. Please avoid any logos, bold prints, children’s characters and patterns etc. I will send you out a more in depth style guide when you book your session.

The studio needs to be kept warm for your little one so I would suggest wearing layers so that they can be removed if you get too hot. Natural unpainted nails look best in the close up more detailed images so I would recommend that you avoid any brightly coloured polish. Feel free to bring along your make up bag to freshen yourself up.

The studio has a no shoe policy and you will be asked to remove them on entry. Please feel free to bring some slippers or slipper socks if you don’t feel comfortable in your bare feet.

Can I ask for a theme?

A. I’m sorry I do not offer themed cake smashes. All images will be in line with my current style. If this is what you are after I can recommend some other photographers within the local area. 

Can my other children be included in the session?

A. This session is mainly for your little one however we will take some family images at the start of the session where they can be included. Please bring some snacks and toys for them to play with while waiting.

What if my baby hates the cake and/or the bath?

A. Don’t worry we can adjust the session if we find out that your little one does not like the cake. I highly recommend that in the days coming up to the session you allow your baby to feel and play with a small cupcake so that they are familiar with the texture. The bath tub can be used without water and we can use some bubbles to have fun.

When and how will we see my images?

A. Around 1-2 weeks after your session I will invite you back to my studio to view your images. This is when you will order and pay for your chosen collection and any wall art that you would like to purchase.

“There is nothing better than cake but more cake.”

— Harry S Truman